YouHodler found a way to protect its users from the market backlashes. For any deal, that didn't bring our customers profit, only Origination Fee should be paid.

This is a minimal payment, that allows to create MultiHodl™ deal and use its benefits.

It contains from 2 essential parts :

Interest fee for the chain of loans

As you know, each MultiHodl deal consists of 3-10 loans (user can control this number with the Profit/Loss level). This chain of loans allows our users to use leverage and benefit even more from the crypto price changes.
As any other loan, it has a fee for usage of the collateral value. You can see it in the details of your future deal

Close Now service fee

"Close Loan Now" is a feature that allows to close the MultiHodl™ deal and secure its result.
During this process our platform automatically calculating collateral amount that needs to be sold to repay Interest Fee. Close Now service fee allows us to exxcute this process with maximum efficiency.

For the profitable deal 10% of the profit should be paid in addition to the Origination Fee.

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