Multi HODL fees include three types:

  • Origination fee – an execution fee you pay to YouHodler for your order execution;

  • Hourly fee – the main trading fee that you pay for every hour;

  • Profit share fee – applicable for profitable Multi HODLs only.

YouHodler found a way to protect its users from the market backlashes. For any deal, that didn't bring our customers profit, only the Origination and Hourly fees should be paid. This is a minimal payment, that allows us to create a Multi HODL deal and use its benefits.

Interest fee for the chain of loans

Each Multi HODL deal consists of 5-21 loans (the user can control this number with the Multiplier level). This chain of loans allows our users to use leverage and benefit even more from the crypto price volatility. Like any other loan, it has a fee for usage of the collateral value. You can see it in the details of your future deal in the Multi HODL detailed view

Please be advised:

  • For MultiHODLs opened after 07/04/2021 updated commissions apply;

  • A profitable deal results in 10% of the profit share to be paid in addition to the Origination and Hourly fees;

  • In case of a Margin Call (Stop loss), the only fee you pay is a service fee which is from 5% (for X2 multiplier) to 2% (for X10 multiplier), taken from the total borrowed amount of your chain of loans;

  • All the fees in this article are an example as of Jul 31, 2020. Please, check actual fees on the platform.

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