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MultiHODL Pending Order

How to use Pending Orders with MultiHODL

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What are the pending orders?

With a pending order, YouHodler customers can set an order to open MultiHODL when the price reaches a specific level. This way, you can be sure that you will always enter the market at the most profitable price level.

How can I use pending orders?

If you believe that opening MultiHODL at the current market level is not the best option, you can set a pending order to open MultiHODL at a specific price level. Once the price reaches the aforementioned level, our system will automatically open the new MultiHODL in accordance with your request. It is that simple.

What should I do to open pending orders?

On the create new MultiHODL page, you can see the option to do it via the current market price or “Set Pending Order”. Simply click the toggle, set the parameters for your pending order, and click the “Create pending order” button. The system will lock the required amount of funds from your balance and execute the request once the price reaches the level that you set in your pending order.

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Where can I monitor my new pending orders?

The new pending order will be visible in the Portfolio section “Pending”. In the list, you can see your pending orders. Click on it to see all the parameters and control your order.

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What can I do with my pending order?

In the active pending order, you can see the following:

  • chart with take profit, stop loss, trigger price, and current price;

  • estimated borrowed and collateral;

  • trigger price that you set for the order;

  • date of creation;

  • date of expiration;

  • option to cancel the pending order.

If you want to cancel the active pending order, you just need to click the button “Cancel” and get back. The pending order will be deleted, and the funds will be returned to your balance.

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What is order expiration?

The expiration period shows data that pending orders will be canceled. This is necessary in order not to lose pending orders and to clean the list of pending orders.

What happened after reaching the trigger price?

When the market price reaches the trigger level, the system will open MultiHODL.

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Can I use adjust TP&SL with pending orders?

Yes, you can use adjust TP&SL when creating a pending order.

Can I see my historical pending orders?

Yes, you can see your historical pending orders in the Portfolio section pending.

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Important info

  • Funds locked in the pending order will still generate reward in the Yield product.

  • Min distance for the pending order, expiration time, and other parameters may vary and will be displayed in advance on the pending order creation page.

  • Once the market price reaches the trigger price that you set in your pending order, YouHodler creates an order that is sent in real-time to one of the market counterparties, taking the next available market price. Therefore, there can be a difference between the initial estimated open price of the MultiHODL and the price of the real market execution depending on order size, such difference is called slippage.

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