To repay your loan and unfreeze your collateral amount, go to the My Loans page. Find the loan you want to pay for and click the REPAY LOAN button.

Please see the pop-up with your loan payment options. In this article, we'll show you how to pay-off your loan using the "From My Wallet" option

To repay your loan using EUR, USDT, or USDT, you need to use the From my wallet option.

There is no more direct loan repayment with USDT. To repay your loan in Tether you need to deposit USDT to your wallet first. 

By choosing From my wallet option, you will see a pop-up where you can select a wallet you want to spend funds from, and amount you want to repay (could be the whole loan balance or a fraction of it). Play with the numbers to see how much EUR, USD, or USDT you need.

All loan repayments from your fiat wallets have 0% commission and are processed instantly.

You can repay loan only if you have USD, EUR, or USDT on your wallet. Learn more in this articles:

Once you're ready, click on the REPAY button.

There will be two transactions appeared in Transaction History

  • USDT wallet withdrawal in USDT
  • Loan repayment in EUR.

Congratulations! You paid your loan using your YouHodler wallet funds.

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