To close a Multi HODL position, please go to the Multi HODL/Portfolio section in your account. Then select the Multi HODL you want to close and press Close now and get button.

You will see a popup with closing parameters:

  • Rollover fee – the main trading fee that you pay for every fixed period of time.

All fees are calculated from the total borrowed amount of the chain of loans executed for your Multi HODL.

After you press the Close and get button, our platform automatically closes your Multi HODL. The invested funds with either a profit or loss will appear in your Wallet balance.

Multi HODL auto-closing options:

  • Take Profit. When the price of the invested crypto reaches the Take Profit level, you receive all invested funds and the profit gained during the Multi HODL. Origination, Hourly, and Profit share fees will be charged. Take Profit is a manual option and you should set it manually on your Multi HODL;

  • Margin Call (Stop Loss). If the price of the crypto reaches the Margin Call level, Multi HODL will be closed and the rest of the funds (if it's not a 100% loss) will be deposited back to the wallet. Only the margin call service fee will be charged in this case. Origination, Hourly, and Profit share fees will not be charged. "Margin Call" is a required field and set by default, but you can change it manually to control your risks;

  • Insufficient collateral. A very rare case is when the Rollover Fee eats all the liquidity of your position. In this case, YouHodler will be forced to close your Multi HODL. It's possible the price of the coin goes flat or down but it is above the Margin Call level. If your position goes up more than the hourly fee * 24 there's nothing to worry about.

Please be advised:

  • The financial result you see on the “Close and get” button is only an estimation based on the latest available market price;

  • After you press "Close now" the platform creates an order on the market exchange in real-time, taking the next available market price. Therefore, the closing price of the transaction in the platform and the price of the real execution may vary;

  • Explore in advance this article about Multi HODL Fees & Commissions.

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