Take profit and Margin call (Stop loss) levels allows the Multi HODL user to choose and manage their investment risk according to their needs.

Margin Call

There's a minimum required Margin Call price for each Multiplier level for the UP and DOWN direction. Users can set any Margin Call price (or price change in percent) above this level. The margin call is a required field, and it is always set to the maximum value by default.

How it works: If the coin price drops below this level (or rises above for the DOWN direction), YouHodler will automatically close the position. Please note, that on the huge market movements there could be some slippage and the actual close price may be slightly different from the level you set.

About fees: YouHodler charges only Hourly fees in case of a Margin call.

Take profit

Take profit is not set by default so you need to enable it manually on your Multi HODL. With Take Profit, YouHodler closes your position once it reaches a certain price level.

About fees: With Take Profit, you pay only Hourly and Profit Share fees.

How to set Margin Call and Take profit levels

To adjust Take Profit and Margin Call (Stop loss) levels, go to Multi HODL/Portfolio page, click your Multi HODL detailed view and press the Adjust TP & MC button. You can also set MC and TP while opening Multi HODL.

There, you will see a popup where you can enable/disable your Take Profit level and set both MC and TP levels. There are three options to set comfortable close levels:

  • Set a closing price;

  • Set a potential price increase in %;

  • Check with max. profit and max. loss values – in these fields you may see what amount of profit/loss you get in case of TP or MC. Please note that these amounts are calculated without any fees you'll have in the future.

Press the SAVE button to apply your new levels to your Multi HODL. You will see your new Take Profit right on the chart in the Multi HODL detailed view. Both Margin Call and Take Profit levels can be set/changed anytime without any additional fees.

Please be advised:

  • The max level of Margin Call and Take Profit may be limited. On the Take Profit/Margin call adjust page you may see all the requirements and max/min limits.

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