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What to do if I used the wrong network or coin
What to do if I used the wrong network or coin
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Due to the crypto decentralized nature, it is extremely important to pay close attention to the crypto transaction creating process. An incorrect network or destination wallet address may lead to the loss of funds. For that reason, we are kindly asking to pay very close attention to the crypto transactions. If you sent an unsupported coin or used an incorrect network please follow these recommendations:

Withdrawal from YouHodler to the external wallet using the incorrect network.

We will not be able to alter the results of the transaction that has been executed (confirmed) in the blockchain. If such a situation occurs please reach the destination wallet owner.

Deposit from the external wallet to the YouHodler wallet.

If you have sent an unsupported coin to your YouHodler wallet or used unsupported network, please collect these data:

  • Transaction Hash (TxHash/TxID);

  • The transfer currency;

  • Used network (ERC20, BSC, or other) or link to the blockchain explorer with the transaction details;

  • YouHodler Account ID or email.

Please send all the required data in one email to [email protected]. YouHodler Team will review the transaction and evaluate if the recovery of the transaction is feasible.

Please be advised:

  • The company will be able to review the request if the transaction is over 100 USD worth of crypto;

  • YouHodler will charge a service fee of 10% but not lower than 100 USD. The final service fee amount for the recovery process will be determined during the review. This evaluation is final. If it is decided that a recovery will be tried;

  • The timeframe of the review and recovery process may vary. In practice, the review of such a case can take from several weeks to several months. Therefore there is no need to contact our team regarding the review status. Once there is a resolution, we will contact you directly.

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