What is a transaction memo?

The Transaction memo / Destination tag / Memo ID - is a unique code required for the receiving party to be able to identify the sending party.

What should I do if I sent the transfer without a memo?

If you sent a crypto transfer to your YouHodler wallet without a transaction memo, to identify the transfer and prove that this transaction was made from your wallet you can make one of the following actions:

  • Take a crypto wallet screenshot with your transaction ID (TxHash) data and your name/email on the one-shot;

  • Forward to [email protected] the transfer confirmation email from your wallet provider with your YouHodler account email info.

Please be advised:

  • All the info required for the transfer identification should be in the provided proof document;

  • According to YouHodler SLA after providing the transaction proof, the deposit completion may take up to 5 business days.

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