To get your first loan go to the Get Loan page. Here you will find our loan calculator.

First, you can change the collateral and loan amounts. On the left side, you can select a coin from the list and then type how much crypto to be reserved as collateral. On the right side, you can setup the desired loan amount in fiat currency or BTC. This helps to see how much crypto you may need for the desired amount of cash or BTC.

In the case you don't have enough crypto, you will be asked to deposit more.

After you figured out your loan amount, please see our tariffs. There are three tariff options you can choose from. We recommend Quick cash with the best loan to value ratio. Don't forget to click agreement checkbox. It's very important to read and agree to our terms and conditions and understand all info before you actually take a loan.

The minimum loan amount is 100 USD.

Once you're ready, click on the GET LOAN button.

Now you've taken out your first loan! Your borrowed funds will appear in the "Wallets" section.

Don't forget to watch your loan on the My Loans section.

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