After taking a loan, you will be redirected to the Loans page where your loan appears. In this article we will discover all information displayed on the Loan widget.

On the left side, you'll see all necessary information regarding your loan:

  • Loan status. This badge is ACTIVE when your loan term countdown has begun. In some cases, it could be PENDING, e.g. when your loan needs to be approved manually (e.g. amount larger than 10,000 USD, etc.);

  • Loan ID number. Unique loan identifier. You may be asked for this number by our support during the troubleshooting process;

  • Loan estimation. "Pay-off until" shows how many days you have to repay the loan;

  • Collateral amount. This is the amount of your crypto which is reserved as collateral;

  • Actual loan balance. This is the total debt you need to repay to get back your crypto;

  • Current collateral price. Here you can find current price of your collateral coin and difference from initial price level in percent;

  • Price down limit. At this level, your loan will forcibly be closed. You will get an email and SMS notifications once the price goes down by half of this gap;

  • Download agreement. By clicking this you will download your personal loan agreement in PDF (also was sent to your email right after taking a loan).

By clicking the Detailed view button, you will also see additional information, such as:

  • Loan amount. This is actual amount of funds you get on your fiat wallet after getting an actual loan;

  • Loan-to-value. This is tariff information describes which part of your collateral value was sent to you as cash;

  • Interest. This is the actual loan cost added to loan amount. Interest + Loan amount = Loan balance you need to repay.

Also, let's go over the options you have on the right side:

  • Repay loan. By clicking this button you can see the loan repayment options;

  • Set close price. Allows to set a comfortable closing price (Take Profit);

  • Get more. Allows to get more fiat for already opened loans, without the need of increasing the collateral amount.

  • Extend PDL. Gives it's users the option to add more cryptocurrency to the collateral to change the price down limit (PDL) on the current loan.

  • Reopen. Allows to keep your loan open as long as you want.

  • Close now. Allows to use the value of your collateral to repay your loan.

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