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Loan daily fees

Loan fee specification

Updated over a week ago

YouHodler charges only one fee for using the loan - a daily fee. The key feature of the commission is that it charged daily only for the days the loan was actually open.

How the fee is calculated

The loan fee is shown on the loan opening form and can be viewed in the loan detailed view after opening the loan as well. The fee is calculated in % from the loan borrowed amount (not from the overdraft amount) and in the loan borrwed currency. The loan commission is collected after 24 hours from the moment of opening the loan and then daily at the same time.

How to pay the loan fee

Pay from the wallet

  • In that case, the fee is collected from your wallet (a borrowed currency of the loan) if you have enough balance on it.

Add it to the loan repayment

  • If you don't have enough balance in your wallet (a borrowed currency of the loan), the fee will be added to the loan debt (repayment amount). But in this case, the fee is higher.

Please be advised:

  • The actual fees are available on the loan form inside the platform

  • You can learn more about the fees for additional services like Extend PDL, Increase LTV, etc here

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