Multi HODL is a tool to multiply your crypto assets using a portion of your YouHodler savings account or wallet balance. Users can keep the majority of funds in safe, stable, and profitable savings accounts while using some amount to engage in trading activities with the high-profit potential. For more info please explore this article about How Multi HODL works.

To start Multi HODLing go to the Multi HODL section in your account. 

Click the Start new Multi HODL button to fill the Multi HODL form.

There, you can set the desired Multi HODL parameters:

  • The source of funds - your Wallet or Savings balance, and the initial amount of investments;
  • The currency pair you'd like to invest;
  • Price direction - an instrument to choose the investment strategy to gain profit from price growth or price drop;
  • Profit/Loss level (Multiply X).

After you set all parameters, press the START button.

You can watch your Multi HODLing process in the Multi HODL section in your account.


Please be advised:

  • All operations are executed on real crypto exchanges. Hence, the price rate and time of the transactions may vary;
  • If the Multi HODL return at the closing of the transaction is less than the allowable minimum for the conversion, the platform will refund the balance in borrowed currency to your wallet;
  • Explore in advance the Multi HODL investment risk, Multi HODL fees & commissions and Multi HODL conditions before using the product.
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