After you logging into your new YouHodler account, you'll be brought to a Profile page. Your main priority is to verify your identity. You cannot take out a loan without verifying yourself. Fortunately, the process is quick and easy.

Identity Verification

Once you get into your profile, find the Verification section. The Tier 1. Get Loan should be open for you. Once you have set aside five minutes to go through it, click on the "Verify" button to start your identity confirmation.

Step 1. Identity Document

On the first step you will be asked to choose your ID type and upload the front and back side (if you choose Drivers License or ID Card) or single scan (if you choose Passport).

Make sure that the chosen document meet the below requirements:

  • Document is not expired;
  • Scans of both sides of a document are provided (if required);
  • Scan of your document is in color and in high resolution;
  • Allowed formats: JPG, PNG;
  • The size of a single file should not exceed 1.5 MB;
  • The document should be in the Latin alphabet;
  • You are only allowed to submit a copy of your Driver’s License, if it’s a plastic card.

Step 2. Selfie with a document

On this step you need to upload a selfie holding your chosen ID (submitted previously). You can capture the selfie using your computer webcam (if you have a high quality webcam). We suggest taking it with a good camera smartphone for еруbest results.

Make sure that you follow the steps below while taking a photo:

  • Your background is light (neutral color);
  • Look straight into the camera;
  • Your photo must be in HD;
  • No headwear and no eyewear are allowed on the photo.

Step 3. Personal Information

The third and final step is to provide your personal info. You will need to enter your country, first name, birth date, your phone number (not needed if you have activated 2FA previously). Note: Latin alphabet should be used for all information.

Please, double check that all information is correct before sending your application.

Congratulations! You have officially submitted your documents.

Right after submitting your Identity verification you will be brought to the crypto deposit. You can start depositing crypto even your verification are still processing.

In a rare scenario that there is a problem with the auto-scanning of your documents, our team will review it manually. This could take up to 24 hours. Our team will contact you in case you need to re-upload something.

You will get an email and SMS with your identity verification result.

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