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Beneficial ownership confirmation
Beneficial ownership confirmation

Essential steps

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As an EU (Swiss) based regulated company, we have an obligation to comply with Anti Money Laundering regulations regarding the identification and verification process of new customers, as well as ongoing due diligence regarding old customers. The first required verification step is the signing of the Beneficiary ownership confirmation form.

With this document, the customer simply confirms that they are the sole beneficial owner of the funds that they will use on the platform.

Please note, customers may be sent a separate KYC form as part of the AML Due diligence process; both forms are necessary.

To sign the Beneficial ownership confirmation please go to your Profile section/Account Verification and press the Verify button on the account verification form.

Press the Start button on the Sing Contract form.

Due to legal restrictions, we, unfortunately, cannot provide our service to US customers as of yet and we, therefore, need confirmation from you as a customer that you are not a US citizen/resident.

In the next two steps, you need to fill our your personal and address data.

In the final step, you need to confirm you are the sole owner of funds you are planning to use on the platform.

You can review the document before signing.

After signing the document, you can proceed with the next verification steps to start using the platform.

However please note that, once you start using the platform, there might be some additional verification steps requested by the compliance team in line with regulations and company policies. As much as this is about regulations, it is also about ensuring that your funds on the platform are protected.

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